Thursday, September 3, 2015

Long Arm Quilting - I am doing it!

I have mentioned before that I have a long arm machine sitting in my dining room. It belongs to Elisa, my daughter. She works full time and goes to college, so it doesn't get used much. I have done some work on it - mostly freehand. Elisa does such good work using pantographs that I have always let her do them. I have several tops done and finally figured if I want them quilted, I best learn how to do it myself. I mentioned before that I had a scrappy quilt that I call Green. I finished the top last year and it has just been sitting waiting for a quilter to come along and quilt it. I even had the backing prepared. So last week I quilted it. I am currently working on the binding as I watch TV in the evening.

Above was taken on the day I was actually quilting it. I think you can see why I named it Green.

Today I worked on a quilt that our church is donating to a local charity. They were going to tie quilt it Tuesday. I said let me take it and quilt it on the long arm. It is prettier, lasts longer and gives me practice on the long arm. Here is it upclose. I used used a pantograph called Sunny Day. It has a shining sun, a butterfly and a leaf running through it.

It is a cheerful Little Mermaid quilt with a sunny, cheerful quilt design on it.

I am now a long arm quilter! In fact I am offering out my services to anyone willing to take a chance on my new found abilities and I will do it at a reduced rate from more established long arm quilters.

Check out the tab above for details.

Keep on Quilting

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