Friday, July 24, 2015

Row by Row from Secret Pal

My Secret Pal from my guild - River City Quilt Guild - gave me all this last Tuesday. Best Secret Pal EVER!

She [or it could be he] always includes beautiful fabric. This month she also gave me 9, yes nine, Row by Row patterns. Most are from California, but one is from Brooklyn, New York, and one is from Stowe, Vermont. The ones from California are from all over the north state. Represented are Elk Grove, Fairfield, San Mateo, Quilter's Corner in Sacramento, Berkeley, and Vacaville. The one from Fairfield has the material. The rest are the patterns. I will work on Fairfield first and let you see what it looks like. It is pretty cool with sailboats and all.

I had read and seen the ads for the Row by Row experience but had not bought into it. Well I'm into it now. I have to go shopping this afternoon and am planning on going to a couple of local quilt shops and get more. Then I am going to contact my relatives that live out and about and ask them to send me the patterns from their local quilt stores. I will pick and choose the ones I want to put into a quilt. Maybe some day I will include all into several quilts. What fun this will be.

Thanks, Secret Pal!

Keep on Quilting

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