Thursday, May 8, 2014

Harmonic Convergence quilt

In February my friend, Venita, and I went to Modesto to a Ricky Tims Seminar. It was three days of great fun as we listened to Ricky, Pam Holland from Australia and Alex Anderson talk about their inspiration, perspiration and accomplishments. [See my February 2014 post of this event.] Great incentive to Keep on Quilting. During one of Ricky's seminars, he showed us his Harmonic Convergence quilts and how easy it is to make one. I thought I can do this. So I on the way home, Venita and I stopped at a couple of quilt stores. I purchased the fabric to make the above quilt. That was Saturday. On Monday I entered my quilt studio hoping I could remember all he said or at least my notes would cover what I couldn't remember. After just a few hours the top was done. So easy.

After I finally quilted it, I took it to my guild for show and tell (or Chantell as Ricky calls it). As I mentioned the pattern name, I said I bet most of you have probably made one of these quilts or are aware of the pattern. Lots of nodding. My first thought is they have done this and are not interested. Wrong. Many probably had done it or seen it done and was not interested, but a lot of people asked me what the name of the pattern was again and the ease of it all. Our guild president is a gentleman that has been a member along with his wife for many years. He is just getting into piecing himself and said it would be a long time before he would attempt something like this. I told him actually he could do it now because it is super easy. It really is. It is just strip cutting two coordinating or contrasting pieces of fabric and then putting the strips back together again in reverse order of each other. Love the technique. Love the ease of making a quilt that people oh and ah over. I especially love the fabric I chose for it.

If you ever get the chance to go to a Ricky Tims' Seminar, go. It is so worth the time and the money.

Keep on Quilting

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