Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do you do quilting projects during summer?

This seems to be an exceptionally hot summer. I am finding I am not working on projects related to quilting as much as I have in the past. I have had two quilts that needed their binding stitched down on for a few weeks. That is something I usually love to do. I finally made myself do one of them this past week. It seemed more of a chore than the usual delightful feeling I have. I normally love to stitch the binding because it gives me a feeling of completion to finish up a quilt. I do not know why it is different now. Maybe it is the temperature that is hovering around 100 degrees.

I am also working on scanning pictures to make a digital library of some older pictures from both my family and my husband's family. My mother's 90th birthday is in October. To honor her, I am trying to get a good representation of pictures to display there. I hope to have some of the better ones printed out into large photos. The others will be displayed using a projector. 

My husband's brother had a box of mostly unorganized photos that came to him after the folks passed away. I am scanning them and identifying as many of them as I can. I have to be finished with them by our reunion in September. Then those that cannot be identified will be shown there using the collective memory of the brothers and sisters there. Then copies of the digital library will be handed out to those that want a copy of that history.

It is exciting to work on those projects, but I miss all that I had been getting done in quilting. I have finished a quilt top for one of those events. It is a surprise, so I cannot tell you more about it. I will post a picture of it at a later date.  It is on its way to the long arm quilter (my daughter) to be finished off.

I am working on another quilt that is made of charm packs. I love those five inch square blocks, as they have 44 squares of coordinating fabric. I am putting them together on point along with white fabric. I have 3 of 8 rows completed [see the picture to left]. The rows will have coordinating fabric sashing between them. 
I have challenged myself that I must do at least one half of a row a day now that I have each individual block sewn to two five inch white blocks. I am sewing those strips together. That is going quite quickly. I did two rows yesterday. Each row has 10 strips each. The frustrating feeling I have about this project is I purchased coordinating fabric and cannot find it. I have 5 more rows to complete and then I will be needing that. That top should go together really quickly after the piecing of the rows is completed, if I find the other fabric.

I would love to hear what projects you are working on - quilting or other. Share with us all in the comment section below.

Keep on Quilting

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