Monday, May 7, 2012

Grass Valley CA 2012 Quilt Show

Grass Valley's quilt show has to be the best surroundings. It is held at the Nevada County fair grounds, which is covered in grass and pine trees. Just beautiful.

I went to this quilt show alone, which I must say is not as much fun as going with my favorite daughter. She was unavailable to go with me this past weekend. I still enjoyed it, though.

I took a lot of pictures, which are posted below. Though no one submitted a Halloween quilt, which are my favorite. There was a black and orange quilt at the end of the hall that I thought would be perfect for my Halloween quilt picture. Then I got closer. It was a homage to the San Francisco Giants, whose colors are black and orange. Problem is I am more of an Oakland As fan. So not picture taken of that quilt. Sorry.

At the Auburn show two weeks ago, there were two Iguana quilts, which I loved. Here was one that even topped those. This quilt took Best in Show. It was really fantastic.

Here is a close up of the above quilt. Note on the leaf above the lizard's head there is a caterpiller on the leaf. The quilter put more than one of those it and a couple of 3-D leaves. It really made the quilt come to life. Love it. If there is a pattern out there, I would love to have its name so I could buy one. I would love to make one just like this as a gift to my son.

This quilter made the international Sun Bonnet Sues. My daughter has the pattern book for this. Some day I will work on one, too.

The quilter also embroidered the names of each nation on all the blocks. Nice tough and well done.

This particular pattern book has a lot of different countries represented. If you were to do them all, you would have to put them on the back. Or you could do what this quilter did and just make another quilt.

Close up of the one above.

Beautiful applique. I have done a few applique blocks this past year. None of mine came close to the beauty of this.

I just loved the fabrics used in this quilt. Wonder if it was a block of the month held somewhere. Very nice.

I have a slide of two of my children walking hand in hand down a garden path with their backs to us. I have wanted for years to have a painter reproduce it for me. Maybe I should try doing a quilt instead.
I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
 The theme for this quilt show was about dragons. Check out some of the dragon quilts that were made. This is just a representation of them. I do not normally like dragons, but the ones featured here are fantastic.

This quilt was very small. I took the picture because all those strips were individual strips pieced together. I am always amazed at some of the intricate work on small quilts.

It was hard to get into take a picture of this. It is so interesting that everyone who walked by had to get up close to see how it was all done. The picture does not do it justice. Good job.

I took a close up so I could show what the picture was of, which was a bridge in Europe. I was also hoping the quilting would show up better than it did. It was hand quilted with tiny stitches and they were close together. I would love to know the amount of time it took this quilter to get the done complete. This would be a 10 year quilt for me, I think.

Loved the colors in this one.
Loved the amount of handwork done on the Hawaiian flowers. Plus the colors are really dynamic.

This picture is not very representative of the beauty of this quilt.

This quilt is stunning! Other than the lizard one, I would say this was my favorite quilt.

Christmas. Another favorite holiday for me. The colors always pull me. Plus put a penguin in a quilt, and you have my attention.

Great quilt for a guy. Gave me a good idea for my brother.
Love those quilt shows!

Keep on Quilting

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