Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chocolate and Cotton Quilt Store in Thousand Oaks CA

We just returned from southern California. It was our grandson's 13th birthday. What a fun day we had.

Now he went to school that morning, so I had to find myself something to do during the day because Gil went golfing with our sons. The quilt shop in Simi Valley, where we were staying, closed earlier this year. Boo Hoo. I grieve for any store that does not make it. We all try so hard to keep it going, but quilting is something people can give up to save money. It really effects the local quilt store (LQS). I have stated before here, go see your LQS every month and purchase at least $10 of product or take a class every month. Help them keep open!

Now back to my story. I googled quilt stores near Simi Valley and up came several. The closest was Chocolate and Cotton Quilt Store. Of course I had to go there since chocolate was part of its name. Two of my favorite things to do.....

They had all their Christmas fabric on sale for 40% off. I found a stack of cut fabrics that were adorable and flannel to boot. I had to get that for my daughter, Elisa. She was taking care of our dog, Mochi. I also found some beautiful fabric and charm packs that I had to have. Plus I found a cool tool that I purchased for my Secret Pal with Rivercity Guild in Sacramento. What a joy it was to be there. Of course I spent way too much. It will go to a good cause - me quilting and staying sane.

You can find out more about this quilt shop at

Here is some of the stuff I purchase:

This is a charm pack of Moda's American Banner Rose. I only purchased two charm packs because I so loved the design. I wanted to remember the name so I can purchase more later and come up with a quilt later. I love Charm Packs, as they are so easy to work with and start an easy quilt. No pattern necessary if you just want to sash and sew together. Easy peasy.

The second 2 Charm Packs that I purchased is from Moda's Panier de Fleurs by French General. This is stunning, also. With these two packs, I purchase one yard of the design below and a half yard of the red. I might need to find the line else where, but at least I have a start. If you ever plan on purchasing like I do, remember to start the quilt right away. If it becomes part of your stash and you get back to it two years later, you might have trouble finding coordinating fabrics.

Purchased 1 yard of this fabric. It is sooo beautiful. The picture is nice, but the fabric is a lot more stunning.

This is the red fabric I purchase only a half of a yard of. I know I am going to be sorry I did not spend the little extra to purchase at least a full yard.

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