Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beverly's Fabrics

Having been an owner of a local quilt store, I would always advise people to support them first. It is hard to make a go of it in this economy. Many owners never take a pay check out of it; all the money goes right back into the shop to make it better.

Now that said there is a big box store that I will shop at occasionally. That is Beverly's Fabrics. They just changed the Carmichael CA store from their normal craft and fabrics and house decor to just fabric. They carry most any fabric, but they have a huge section for us quilters. They carry brand names just like the LQS does and of the same quality. They also carry very "cheap" fabric for those that just cannot afford the higher quality. I personally stay away from that fabric, as I am not going to make a beautiful top that will not last very long.

The Carmichael store and has a fabric of the day for $2.97! Wow. I personally have purchased some, as has Elisa. We have not been disappointed. The website posts the new day's list at 9 a.m. PDT. I try to log in no later than 10:30 a.m. because often the best of the three fabrics posted is sold out. They post what amount they have to sell. Take a look at it at Today's (Wednesday) is really neat. It has birds and nests and feathers. I have a friend that was asking if I had any bird fabric, which I do not. Maybe I will be nice and buy her some before it is gone.

Here is the fabric listed for today:

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  1. I love this store too (now called Beverly's Yards Of Fabric and rightfully so)! I am a quilter and I enjoy browsing through their great big selection. I'll have to start checking their deal of the day online thanks for the tip :)

    -Monica (Sacramento, CA)

  2. I received the following and want to share it with all of you. I want to re-iterate that Beverly's is a "big box" store that I love. They do carry high quality cotton fabric for all the quilters out there.

    Hi Beehive Quilts! I came across your pleasant blog post about our Beverly’s Yards of Fabric store in Carmichael.

    I wanted to thank you for the kind words! I also was hoping to request that you place a link to our new store’s webpage so that your readers can get more information about the store? Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance..

    Take care,
    Daniel Carpenter
    Marketing Manager
    Beverly Fabrics, Inc.

    I must admit I was excited to find that he took time out of his day to let me know he read my blog. Thanks, Daniel.


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