Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wildflower Rhapsody Block of the Month

For all of you who signed up for Beehive Quilts' BOM, the first block was mailed out today. Watch for it to be in your mail box soon.

For anyone who did not sign up, we still have space for 6 more people. I will keep it open until they fill up. So if you are still interested, sign up soon.


  1. I have just started cutting for Block #1. I see that we have received all of Fabric 14 that we need to finish this quilt.

    We need to fussy cut 10 fussy cut squares along with 14 other squares of various sizes.

    I don't want to run out of fabric. Would you fussy cut the small squares first or would you cut all the various larger squares and then use what's left for the fussy cut?

    Also, is it possible to get a materials list? I'd like to make one for my daughter at the same time but with different fabrics.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  2. I have not started this block yet. When it comes to fussy cutting, I tend to be very particular. What I would do is cut paper to the sizes noted on the Fabric 14 cutting guide that was sent to you. then I would lay it out on the fabric to see how best to get the cuts needed. You want those pieces that are fussy cut to be centered as much as possible on the flower to be used. But you also want to make sure you have enough fabric to make those other cuts. Thank goodness none of them are large cuts, so you can work with the lay out of those.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Peggy. I'll do that when I'm not sure how to cut some of the pieces.

    You're doing a great job on this project and I'm going to love the interaction to help people stay motivated and finish this large quilt.


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