Friday, February 11, 2011

Folsom 2011 Quilt Show

Elisa and I went to the Folsom Quilt show today. Oh my gosh. Do not ever go at 10 a.m. on the first day of this show. The line was out the door and down and around the front of the building. Thank goodness it was sunny and warm there.

The show was good. Below are pictures. Some might not be straight on. That is because of the amount of people there. It is really hard to take a good picture of a large quilt when you have to back up across the walkway and fifteen people come and stand before you to look at the same quilt. Hopefully you can tell how beautiful they are.

The vendors are pretty much the same as most quilt stores. Nothing real made me want to buy what was there, except 2 charm packs of "manly" flannel that are wonderful and just made to be used in a quilt for a guy that wants it without flowers. Looking forward to putting that all together.

After going to the guild, we went to Wild Bill's Philly Sandwiches. Oh my goodness. Was that a great sandwich! I have been thinking about it all evening, wishing I could have another. On our way there, Elisa got a call from the guild. She had won one of their boutique prizes. It was a basket of 30's fabrics, plus an Amish puzzle and a quilting book. Pretty nice. She was happy. She seldom wins anything.

So after lunch back we went. Then we went to Meissner's in Folsom. I had never been to that shop. It was wonderful. It had a lot of great fabric, especially their flannels. Loved them.

Good way to spend a day.

This quilt is a self portrait of the quilter. It was very large. Because of someone standing in front of it, I missed about a foot of it on the left side. It was really gorgeous.
All turkeys - everywhere!

Stuff Who???
Eat Beef. Sorry I could not get it to go the right way. Just turn your head.

After seeing many bargello quilts, I swore I would never do one. They make me sick to look at. But this one changed my mind. I love this one. Lots of motion but not the kind to give you motion sickness.

Amazing quilt.

Nice beautiful colors. Just and all around beautiful quilt.

And of course my favorite part, a beautiful Halloween quilt.


  1. My husband and I spent Saturday afternoon at the Folsom Quilt Show this year, and he was captivated by the self portrait quilt. I loved the mistletoe quilt--so nice to have muted reds and greens in a Christmas quilt.

    Barbara King, Davis

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the self portrait quilt. I'm sure the quilter put her out in that project. It's absolutely gorgeous. The halloween quilt is also pretty! Thank you very much for sharing your great experience at Folsom 2011 Quilt Show. Have a great day! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love Halloween too!


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