Friday, November 19, 2010

River City Quilt Guild Sacramento

Wow! What a fun day I have had today. Elisa and I went to River City Guild's annual quilt show. It is always fantastic featuring beautiful quilts, wonderful vendors, and a great country store. It is a quilt show that you have to plan to spend hours in, not just one to run in and run out of. Take your time and see it as it is. Wonderful!

There I was seeing wonderful quilts and realized I had forgotten a camera. Elisa had her phone camera and took the following pictures. Thanks, Elisa.

This took a second place. I thought it was the most beautiful. Love it.

This is Laurel Anderson's quilt. She is one of my favorite designers. Beautiful quilt. I guess I am not the only one that thinks she does wonderful work, but she took best of show with this quilt. Good job, Laurel.

El dia de los muertos. I do not normally like skeletons, but this one is fantastic. I love the use of color. Stunning.

This is the quilt ladder Gil made to donate to the raffle part of the show from Beehive Quilts.

This one was stunning, too. It took first place in its category AND best use of color. A lot of work went into this quilt.

Plus a great part was the show's raffle choices. Between Elisa and I we purchased 50 tickets. I thought we might have a chance to win something! Well I got a call an hour ago, and I had won a kit to make a popsicle quilt. Love it!

Best of all, we saw a lot of the people we met while our store in Woodland was open. It was wonderful to say hello to them all again. Miss you all.


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