Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quilter's Corner Quilt Store

Elisa and I were off and running yesterday. We went to a Block of the Month club inWoodland at 10 a.m. We are doing an Around the World quilt. Each month the teacher, Sherrie Werum, brings a block with a notable site from somewhere around the world. Yesterday we did the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. She shows us a different technique for embellishment each month. Yesterday it was using glitter on the block. It is a special very fine glitter made for fabric. You also have to use a special glue. It really looks good on the quilt. I will use this technique again in the future.

Afterwards we had lunch in Woodland at Morrison's Deli. Yummy food. If you are ever around there, you have to go and have lunch. They close at 2:30 p.m., so don't plan on dinner.

Then we went to a quilt store we had never been to before. It is Quilter's Corner in Sacramento. It is in a business district, but easy to find and has lots of parking. It is a good sized store with lots of beautiful fabric. A little bit of everything there. All the fabric is very well displayed. Pricing is good, too. There was lots of Halloween fabric, which is my favorite.

Since I have enough fabric to start a small quilt store, I did not need anything. But I found an off white sun bonnet Sue fabric that is very charming. Since I do not have a need for it, I bought three yards for just in case. No wonder I have enough fabric for a quilt store. I cannot resist fabric. I also bought several fat quarters. You can never have enough fat quarters.

Quilter's Corner also has a lot of great kits. Elisa wanted one but talked herself out of it. Then they told us that on August 21st everything in the store will be on sale for 20% off. I think we will be going back then.

Best of all they have a great class list. I may even take a class myself.

For more information on this quilt store, go to

Oh and when you go there, make sure to check out their restroom. It is absolutely the cutest restroom I have ever been in. I tried to take a picture, but my camera would not work.Go see for yourself.

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