Monday, February 8, 2010

Folsom Quilt & Fiber Guild Show

This past weekend was Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild's 25th Anniversary show. I was not going to go because I had been in El Dorado Hills on Friday and had family from southern California all day Saturday. But Elisa wanted to go, so off we went. Gil and Lorena went with us, but they do not like quilt shows quite as much as Elisa and I do. How excited they were when we pulled into the parking lot of the Folsom Community Center and noticed right next door there was the Folsom Zoo. So off they went to play, while we went in to play.
See picture to left for their opportunity quilt, which I did not win. But I did win one of their door prizes. There was a man there with beads. I got to go choose something up to a certain amount. I found a pair of earrings that I could not live without. Great door prize. I was excited, as I never win anything.

The show was great. Beautiful quilts everywhere. There was a quilt that won in its entry of best large wall quilts. It was a beautiful quilt that showed an underwater scene with a large loggerhead turtle as its focal point. The quilting was fantastic on it. It was done as waves in the ocean on everything except the turtle and the fish. I made the comment that it would look good in my home.

There were several others that I loved. One of these days I will take my camera, so I could share some of the favorites that I see.

One great looking quilts was a Baltimore Album quilt done on black. I have only seen it done on white and very light pastel colors. Black background really accented the bright colors used in the blocks.

This show also has a fashion show in the middle of the walkway at 2:30 p.m. every day. We watched for a couple of minutes but then realized all the people were there and we could go through the vendor's booths uninhibited. So shopping we went.

We had fun. Lots of pretty patterns and fabrics out there. Davis' old shop had a whole room to themselves. How lucky for them. I am sure they did well with it, too.

I do not often purchase anything from shows, as I have the ability to purchase at wholesale still. So I go get ideas and find patterns and/or fabrics that I like. Of course I seldom come home and purchase any of them. I did find grommets on a binding tape that is just too cute. So I bought a couple of yards of that. I am going to make something with it. When I get finished, I will post it here for all to see. Then I will also find the vendor that sells it and purchase some to sell on my website and at the shows.

We had fun. All of us. Afterwards we found a Big Spoon Yogurt place and had a treat. If you have never gone to one, you just have to try it out. They have frozen yogurt that you serve yourself. Then along one whole wall there are numerous items you can include with the yogurt. Since I do not like frozen yogurt normally, I put just a little yogurt and then added raspberry sauce (yummy), cut fresh strawberries, blueberries, Rice Krispies (love the crunch), mochi (not the dog), and chocolate sprinkles. Wow! What a taste sensation. Cold with all the goodies. And it only cost $3.20. It is weighed by the pound. Since I did not take very much yogurt, the fruit and such did not weigh much. Cannot tell you how much I enjoyed that treat.

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