Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New blog sites about quilts

Good morning everyone,

I hope your New Years has gone well and everything is back to normal after the holidays.

I have been researching some quilt blogs and came up with a couple of new ones that are posted on the blog list. You might find them interesting, too. One is at and the other is

Life is good. I have been working on some of the quilts that I needed to finish and never seemed to find the time to do anything with them. I finished two Christmas quilts. One was to be done for Christmas in 2008. The other I started in September 2009 and wanted for this past Christmas. Oh well there is always next Christmas.

I have also quilted two other quilts. One is a baby's quilt made of little ducks. Another one is a fall quilt that is twin size. Both need their binding done. I want to do both soon because it is fun to curl up with a warm quilt and do hand work this time of year.

Using the short arm machine that was in the store is fun once the quilt is on the frame. It takes a lot of time to get the quilt on, especially when you do it wrong the first time. But once I get started sewing, I have fun with it. Now I just need to learn more quilting designs.

All else is good. My puppy Mochi is growing and lots of fun for my husband and me. More later.

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