Long Arm Quilting

I am new to being a long arm quilter. I have quilted my own quilts and quilts for charity and for friends. Contact me if you want me to work on your quilt. My turn around is about two weeks. Around the holidays, I am sure that will go farther out.

I do some free motion quilting. I also have some pantographs for quilting. Pantograph quilting is where a design is laid out on the quilting table and the quilter, using a laser light, moves the long arm machine in relation to the design on the pantograph. It is a quilting technique that goes from edge to edge using the same design and then starts all over again on the next row.

I charge $.0125 per square inches of the quilt top (pre-quilting) for the quilting.

Plus $3 per spool of thread used if solid color or $7 for varigated thread. I will buy the thread because different threads act differently to long arm quilting. You can tell me what color and I will purchase accordingly. Most quilts take no more than one spool, except for a king or queen sized quilt.

I can provide the batting at an additional cost. The cost would depend upon on size of quilt.

When you drop off your quilt to me, I want to see:
1. the quilt top ready to be quilted
2. the backing ready to be quilted and sized 7-8" more on overall width and length from the top
3. batting, also sized 7-8" more on overall width and length from the top
4. information on paper pinned to the top:
** your name and contact information
** color of thread you want for top and back, if different from top
** date you need it returned finished - right now my turn around time is about two weeks.

Sample costs:
     Quilt size is 45" x 60" which is an average crib size quilt
     45 x 60 = 2700 x .0125 = $33.75
     plus $3 for thread
     total cost is $36.75

     Quilt size is 80" x 92" which is an average Queen size quilt
     80 x 92 = 7360 x .0125 = $110.40
     plus $3 for spool of thread
     total cost is $93.00 unless it takes two spools.

I will also do binding. I charge $20 per quilt for any quilt that is not a queen or king sized quilt. For a queen or king sized quilt, I charge $30 per quilt. Binding fabric is to be supplied by you. I will cut it to 2 1/4" wide and then I sew the strip to the front of the quilt and hand stitch to back of quilt. Just bring the yardage sufficient for your sized quilt. I can help you figure how much is needed. Just contact me. You are also welcome to precut your strips (please make them 2 1/4" wide and sew them together diagonally). If you pre-cut your strips, I will give a 15% discount on the binding fee.

You can reach me through my contact information on the right hand side of the blog or at contact@beehivequilts.com.

Here are some of the pantographs I have worked with so far:       [Click to enlarge picture]

Water Ripples - free motion, great for an ocean quilt

Ginko Leaf pattern - loose design, great for any quilt:

Sunny Day pattern - great for a spring/summer or kids quilt:

Popcorn - whimsical design:

Free motion leaf pattern - good to use when doing an appliqued quilt or floral quilt:

Star pantograph - great for a patriotic quilt:

Box pantograph - for that funky, non-traditional quilt:

Teddy Bear pantograph - cute for a kids quilt:

Bubble pantograph - this is a open, large quilt pattern: